BOOKING POLICY: Makeup appointments are not reserved unless payment has been received. All payments will have to be paid in full by invoice via www.paypal.com 48 hours before services are rendered. 

TARDINESS: If you are your 15 minutes or more late, or a no show to your scheduled appointment no refund will be given and services will be forfeited.

PRACTICES: Artist shall use appropriate sanitary practices, and only use professional cosmetic products that give high quality results and ensure safety.

ALLERGIES/SICKNESS: The client agrees to provide notice in advance , in writing of any and all allergies, conditions or diseases. Also client agrees not to sue, or hold artist liable for any skin reactions or physical issues that may arise resulting from the makeup application. In the event that artist recognizes client is sick (pink eye, cold coughing, herpes lesions, open sores, bleeding, flu, strep etc) and client has not warned artist ahead of time to reschedule appointment, artist has the right to dismiss services, and no refund will be given and services will be forfeited.

PERFORMANCE: While Artist is performing service, please minimize phone use. While artist is performing service, No children in lap, No lap tops, or anything distracting client from artist performing services. In addition, if you have any guest please advise them to remain seated(not in the space) of the artist.

ON LOCATION SERVICES: Please put away all pets before makeup artist arrive to location. While makeup artist is servicing you please keep pets locked up until services are completed and artist has left the location, if not artist has the right to leave and all monies will be forfeited. A safe and private work area at the location of services must be provided for artist. This location will also provide the artist with an appropriate work surface(table) and electrical outlets. Please be ready to start services as soon as artist arrive at location. If Artist is on location and services do not start within 15 minutes of service time, it is the same as a no show and artist has the right to leave location with no monies returned.  Due to our privacy policy while Imogene Dent beauty & Artistry is on location, no other artist is allowed on premises at the service time Imogene is there. If another artist outside of Imogene Dent beauty & Artistry is on premises all services will be forfeited and no monies will be returned. (including IN/OUT of studio)

CANCELLATION AND RESCHEDULING: All payments are retainers which are non-refundable or transferable. If you cancel your services at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment you may be able to reschedule ONE time based off artist schedule..If you are a no-show or more than 15 minutes late you forfeit your appointment time and retainer. If artist has availability and tries to accommodate you because of your tardiness, then $25 late charge will have to be paid before services are received. Please note accommodations for tardiness is not guaranteed. In the event of sickness, accident, any act of God beyond control, or Imogene Dent may be subject to unavailability efforts will be made to assist you in making other arrangements and all your money will be refunded.

I understand that once invoice has been sent, I have 24 hours to make a payment to reserve my appointment. If appointment is not confirmed within 24 hours, the invoice will be cancelled and no appointment is held. Once invoice cancels all discount or promotions are null and void. At the artist discretion, invoice may only be sent 1 additional time after first invoice has cancelled.
I Have read and accepted all the terms and conditions.
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